Mutual Savings Bank


competition 2000

The new building of the Mutual Savings Bank plays a important role in the urban environment of Pinneberg’s town center. The building forms an urban flank at the southern end of the town hall square. As a counterpart to the listed historical monument "Drostei", it symbolizes, as the counterpoint of two architectural styles from two eras, the departure into a new age.

Four parallel corpuses connected with a glass roof form one building, which reacts to the urban situation on all four sides. A generous forecourt furnished with trees welcomes the visitor. The clam-shell south-side glass facade has several important buffer functions: as protection from the sun during the summer, as a sun-trap for warmth in the winter and as a year-round noise-barrier against the main road Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. On the north side, the situation is completely different: here the building opens onto the green area and the river Pinnau. The casino and a small park can be used by the employees during breaks as a recreation area.

With its contemporary architecture, the clear design of the building provides the Mutual Savings Bank with a modern future-oriented corporate identity.