Performing Arts Center

Kristiansand, Norway

competion 2004

in cooperation with Prof. Sill Architekten

The new building for the Performing Arts Center is seen as a crystalline corpus, which by means of a surrounding cover, all use units integrates under one roof. The grinding surfaces, which determine the appearance of the solid, result from the precise urban insertion into its environment.

Directly in front of the building a wide outside stair construction runs down to the water, here the water taxis are berthing, disembarking the visitors coming either from downtown or all the way across the bay, straight to the foyer. In addition the sitting stairs, as a floating amphitheater, are forming the perfect setting for experimental open air events. From here one can watch the performances on the mobile, floating pontoon stage. A manner of presentation which includes the artistic use of water into the performance concept of the PAC. Large sliding doors in both the entrance foyer and the sky foyer allow to open wide the façades, so that even from here the spectators can follow the water performance.