Magdeburger Hafen, Hamburg

in cooperation with Prof. Sill Architekten

The [HCU]dockyard forms an urban unit together with the neighbouring high-rise office slab. Together with the Science Centre, both buildings create an attractive marine plaza by the Elbe. The ensemble captivates with its prominent free-standing status.
The protective U-form of the HCU creates a passage-like public thoroughfare. A direct link is created between the marine plaza at the Magdeburg basin and Lohse Park: a transitory interactive communication space offering a view of and contact with university life. With the free and transparent ground floor on the south side, the HCU opens onto the water and thus offers a variety of views and prospects.
The [HCU]dockyard, as the architecture of a particular place, is not only reminiscent of a port building because of its typology. In the transferred sense, it is also about a constructive building: a dockyard. The dockyard of ideas that is HafenCity University.
The garage level extending from one end of the building to the other, apart from its function as flood control barrier, forms the constructional base of the (HCU)dockyard.
It is fitted with lateral utility cramps. The 12m depth of the building is spanned both by the inner and outer facades without supports, which allows all levels except the buttressing cores to be easily equipped or sectioned. Alterations or the refitting of facilities can be effected without difficulty.
The residential roof is spanned by two supports, each two storeys tall. Large portals let sufficient daylight into the building.