Paphos Community Centre

Pafos (Cyprus)

competition 2008 - 3.price

The disparate urban situation of the planning area demands an integrated, urban development concept incorporating the whole neighbourhood. For this purpose the already existing structure of the residential buildings is to be adopted and continued with. The urban-style augmentation of the buildings has resulted in a large, well-connected town square at its core, made prominent by the two free-standing buildings: the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Community Centre.
The main conception is to preserve the prospect from Ampelokipon Street to the picturesque church building. To achieve this, the administration building is positioned as a flat structure along the central axis of the church. Both longitudinal sides of the construction are bevelled in such a way that an unhampered view of the Church of the Virgin Mary is created on both eastern and western flanks. The two free-standing buildings thus form a dramatic dialogue between history and the present as well as between religion and society.
The axial positioning of the Community Centre permits various multipurpose zones in the square to evolve around the building. The southern foremost zone abutting Ampelokipon Street leads to the main entrance of the administration building, thus offering use for public events, for which the overhanging " inhabited roof"  forms a large sunblind. A low, elegant stairway on the western side leads up to the church square. Here a cafe is located from where you can watch activity in the square and also have a view of Ampelokipon Street. The square between the administration building and the church is intended as both meeting place and public market. The church itself is situated on a stepped, flat plinth, thereby raising it above everyday affairs.
Along the southern side there is a green area with trees creating a border between the public square and private apartments.