Cruise Center II      JELLY BOX

Cruise Centre  Hamburg-Altona

competition 2009- 3.price

in cooperation with Alsop + Partner, London

As one more pearl in the chain along the banks of the Elbe, the new Cruise Centre offers the user a presence that does justice to the significance of its function. CCII creates areas of with diverse features which the passenger walks through and experiences on the way to and from the ship. The ground floor is a functional, open level primarily concerned with the quay surfaces and their business. Customs formalities are gone through here and luggage processed, sorted and dispatched; The upper level with its detached cube construction relates more to the luxurious, relaxed yet artistic milieu of a cruiser than to any conventional waiting or lounge area, cafe or bar. The objects, which contain various permanent functions and speak their varied languages both in form and material, mediate between these two worlds. The "furniture" and "objects" displayed resemble marine life in forms intended, with their hint of something else, to set the passengers in the right mood for their voyage and to allow visitors to enter and experience a strange, colourful and exciting world. The "sculptures" exhibit different surfaces, materials and colours. They light up or make noises, creating, with their "Music of the Sea", the feeling that the holiday cruise about to be embarked on is well worth taking.

The architecture of the Jelly Box Terminal is deliberately and consciously not confined to the "service, functional" character of a passenger and luggage dispatch zone. The "aloof" cube-shaped terminal with its characteristic "functional objects" should rather awaken the visitors' interest: a building not just interesting during summer weekends when cruisers dock at the quay, but one that, above all in the "shipless" season, offers an exciting attraction for locals and visitors to Hamburg alike.