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All pictures exept the following are taken by Klaus Frahm

(Rechtshaus: Image 8 - medium, Image 9 - medium)
(Kranich & Czak: Image 1 - medium, Image 2- medium)
(Eulenkrugstraße: all Image s - medium)
(Laue Gelände: alle Fotos - medium)
(HFF: Bild 4 - Christoph Gebler, Image 10 - Ralf Schlotter)
(Cinemaxx Odense: all Images - Christoph Gebler)
(GS Bergstedt: all Images - medium)
(Hospiz: Foto - medium)
(Techno Park: all Images - medium)
(Fährterminal: Image 3 - medium, Image 4 - medium)
(Cinemaxx Dammtor: all Images - medium)
(Reventlow-Stift: all Images - medium)


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