architectural understanding

Why me di um  architects?

Each building project has to consider as far as possible the interests of people and the environment. Our name „meta disziplinäre umweltgestaltung“ (meta-disciplinary environmental design) expresses the message that only interdisciplinary and integrated planning can meet this social responsibility.

me di um was founded with this aim in mind at the beginning of the seventies and we have never lost sight of it. The human aspect is the focal point of all our urban and architectural designs. We create an architecture which fosters communication and human encounter. Our answer to arbitrary design and structural mediocrity is high-quality, innovative architecture.

Building the interdisciplinary way

As architects, we think of ourselves not only as developers and designers of new buildings, but also as producers of planning and construction processes. As such, various and, in part, very specialised disciplines have to be coordinated and the development process controlled.

Reducing the energy demand 

One of our important concerns is the optimisation of the energy consumption of a building from its construction, through its phase of utilisation right up to its possible demolition. The consistent integration of alternative and passive energy concepts is for us a basic design criterion. In co-operation with engineers specialising in air-conditioning and heating plant, we develop concepts which allow dramatic reductions in the energy demands of buildings. We create optimised building concepts through interdisciplinary co-operation with low operational and maintenance costs without losing sight of our claim to high architectural quality.

We are sure that these issues will gain considerable importance in the future.