Jentz • Popp • Störmer • Wiesner
mit Dr. Sprenger, Architekten Hannover

Movie Festival Theater

completion 1990

"The City of Hamburg doesn’t have a representative movie theater which could undermine nationwide Berlin’s reputation as the media capital. With the Film Festival Theater, all this will change. The Cinemaxx movie theater near Dammtor station will become a venue for film festivals and premiere ceremonies. According to our plans it will outclass the current leading German cinema-complex --our own company’s Berlin Zoo-Palast-- in terms of attraction."
(H.-J. Flebbe, Cinemaxx Filmtheaterbetriebs-GmbH)

The special urban location of the Festival Theater in the Mahler Park in the Wallanlagen, demands compatible integration of the building into its green surroundings. Following the railroad embankment, the halls are strung out, forming a backbone, while on the opposite side, the building with its glasshouse facade opens onto the park. By day, the complex appears to be well grown into its surroundings and harmonically associated with them. At night, however, when interior lighting renders the façade transparent, the interior space reveals itself as a stage where visitors are on show to the viewer.
The Festival Theater can be reached by pedestrian bridge and has excellent access to public transportation.
(with Dr.Sprenger, Architekten)