Crane & Czak

Roloff • Ruffing

The CRANE lamp / The CZAK desk
Central Law Library, Hamburg

The CZAK desk has been developed according to the specific requirements of the Central Law Library building. All reading places are furnished with internet access, power socket and desk-lamp. The placement of the desks alongside the floor-to-ceiling glazed facade and even the undersides of the desks demanded accurate design.
The reading desk consists of a bridge-shaped steel frame under which a multiplex table-top is fixed. The bearing element serves at the same time as an installation duct for power-supply connection to the work-place. Electric cables coming directly from the under-floor system are led through the table-leg up to the steel frame. The minimized bearing structure of the steel frame creates the impression of a hovering table-top. At the same time the steel frame articulates as the bearing element and creates with its height the necessary distance from the neighboring desk. Steel and wooden desk-top keep their natural form and substance as far as functional necessity permits.
The table in its symmetrical version is produced for 4, 6 or 8 working places and, in its special asymmetrical form, for 2 to 3 people.

Reduction of design to its basic elements was also the ultimate principle in the case of the CRANE desk-lamp (KRANICH). The strict geometrical order of the rows of desks is intended to be broken up by the crane-like looking lamps. The lamps hover above the tables like the feelers of insects to break up the geometrically strict precision of the desk-formation, thereby giving the work-places a playful appearance.
The lamp itself consists of a flexible chrome-plated tube and a black, diagonally-cut shade. It is operated by a switch integrated in the steel frame of the desk

The swing-chair S43, designed by Mart Stam, and the stool S38 S/1, designed by Egon Eiermann, complete the furniture of the library. The materials and the quality of design of the individual minimal elements interact harmonically to form a desk ensemble.