Jentz • Popp • Roloff • Wiesner

Residential Housing and Retail Trade
Schanzenviertel, Hamburg

completion 2002
BGF 13.000 qm
total costs 26 Mio €

Life in Hamburg’s ’Schanzenviertel’ was for many years largely determined by the neighboring slaughterhouse. However, with its gradual relocation elsewhere, its supply shops also began to shut down. One of them was Hermann Laue’s spice factory, which over the decades had expanded into the entire urban block. In the course of the planned restructuring of the ’Karolinenviertel’, the vacated lots had new buildings erected on them in the spirit of urban renewal.

Giving the interior of the block living-density with a double-row housing project also opened it up to the quarter as a short-cut access-route. Following the archetype afforded by terrace-housing, this new passage serves as both meeting point and children’s playground. Planted with trees and hedges, it has become a center of communication for its residents. The block-side flanking Sternstrasse was completed, on the basis of its parceling history, with consciously differently-designed housing. Existing houses were added onto and remodeled. Most of the residential housing here is state-subsidized.

This one-time industrial quarter has meanwhile turned into one of the most lively and popular neighborhoods in Hamburg.